Winter Quilt – my first start-to-finish quilting project!


I made this quilt over the winter holidays as a gift for my boyfriend. He loves winter and snow–we even lived in Terrace, BC a few years ago for a winter of snowboarding and backcountry mountain fun. I made this quilt in beautiful, cold wintery colours.

I’ve done plenty of sewing in the past, and I’ve even pieced together a few quilt tops–I’ve been the assistant at Flare Fabrics for a year and a half now, and I’ve learned so much through working here–but this was my very first start-to-finish quilt project!


I used a free pattern from Batavian Batiks, called Frosted Winter Quilt. I used their suggested colour scheme for the initial inspiration only–I wanted to have a little more contrast in my quilt, so I chose fabrics that had a little more variety. The lightest one I chose is cream and the darkest is almost navy. My fabrics are from Flare Fabrics, of course, so that means if you like my colours, you might still be able to order some of the fabric!



The fabrics I used are:

  • F118-0613 – Blue Dahlia Flower Batik
  • F114-0613 – Cream Moon Craters Batik
  • F120-0613 – Light Grey Blue Mixed Leaves Batik
  • F069-0413 – Lemon Poppy Tonga Batik – Rain Stripy
  • F353-0712 – XTonga Batik – Contempo Garden (for the backing)

I bought a free-motion foot and decided to give free motion quilting a try. As I said, this was my first attempt at the quilting part of the process. I wanted to emphasize the diamond pattern with the quilting and I knew that my skills would be far from perfect, so I followed the diamond shapes with lines that are intentionally not straight, inspired by layers of snowfall. (I swear, that’s not just an excuse!)



I used the same kinds of spiralling lines for the inner border, and I did a meandering squiggle stitch (I don’t know if that’s the technical term) for the outer border. Again, I know it’s not perfect!! But I did eventually get the hang of the stitch tension, and I got better at keeping my stitch lengths somewhat even. 🙂


I used a wide back batik for the backing to keep it simple. I chose it without really comparing to my quilt top, but I love the way it worked out!


Here you can see how nice the quilt looks with a photo of me split-boarding in the Coast Range Mountains:


Things I learned from doing this project:

  • What a difference it makes to have a sharp needle! Amazing.
  • I found that spray baste AND pins are the best combination for creating the quilt sandwich. Having the space on the floor was also really helpful–I used masking tape to keep the backing piece taut and in place, while I added the batting and the top with the spray baste and then the pins.
  • It’s hard to part with something you spent so long working on! Lucky for me, I’ll still get to visit this one 🙂
  • Putting the quilt together (after piecing the top) isn’t really as scary as I thought it was! Now I think I’ll have many more projects to finish…


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2 Responses to Winter Quilt – my first start-to-finish quilting project!

  1. you are very clever and talented. its very difficult to make this quilt. but you just make it. rare!

    malaysian commonly use batik to make clothes. then, its very beautiful when you wearing it. you could try make a clothes sometime.

    marinin batik

  2. i think your brave !!! I am 80 years old and have made many quilts. There were some where I did not take pictures of -some I did . Usually they are taken by my grands and friends. Love quilting – Louise

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