What Does Your Design Wall Look Like?

I’ve never been lucky enough to have a dedicated room where I can set up  my quilting studio. I’m either using my dining table, the desk in one of my children’s bedroom (when they are temporarily away at university – they always seem to come home again!) or a table in my basement.

Right now I’m using a portable design wall that I purchased – it’s 72″ x 72″, (6′ by 6′) fairly light weight and not that stable but easy to move out of the way when I need to! At $140 not cheap, but affordable.

But my best wall was three pieces of 1 1/2 inch styofoam insulation that I bought at Home Depot for $6 each. Each piece was 2 ft wide by 6 ft high, I taped them together with duck tape. I covered the styrofoam with heavy-weight flannel, and then used thin wood strapping (1 1/2 in) to keep the flannel in place and attach to the wall. A staple gun came in very handy!

What does your design wall look like?


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  1. Fran says:

    My rotary cutter, although when I first used it I thought I made a big mistake in buying it, cause I was scared of it and I made bad cuts.

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