Wedding Quilt

finished front of quilt

I recently attended a good friend’s wedding in Quebec. My twin sister and I decided to make them a quilt as our gift to them! We made a queen size batik pinwheel quilt, using 18 squares from the Tiramisu layer cake from Hoffman and a 2 different neutral background batiks. For the backing, we used a wide back fabric and a piece left over from the top. We arranged the squares by colour, diagonally.  We were so happy with the outcome that it was difficult to give it away!

We pieced the top on our little Pfaff, but decided that we wanted to make our lives easier with the quilting, so we borrowed a friend’s Juki. If you’re not familiar with this machine, it’s a very powerful industrial sewing machine, built into a table. It took some getting used to, but definitely helped us get the job done at a much faster pace!

If you want to see how to make a pinwheel square, check out this tutorial that we posted a in May!

We quilted it with diagonal lines that wave in and out of the corner and centre points of each square. The result is a 4 petal flower pattern that mimics the fabric used on the backing. Finally, we opted for a contrasting red binding, to give the quilt a little more ‘flare’!


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