Victoria’s Quilts of Canada it is!

About half way through my open call for a Canadian charity, the die was cast. More than half of you who voted encouraged Flare Fabrics to donate to Victoria’s Quilts of Canada as its charity of choice for 2012!

In addition to the votes cast, I was overwhelmed with blog postings and emails from Canadian’s across the country. You either are sewing as a volunteer with Victoria’s Quilts or know someone who has received a quilt. Here are just a few comments that are worth sharing:

“I have been working with Victoria’s quilts for over eleven years and have personally made quilts for my own mother who died from cancer in 2006, a sister in law and two close personal friends  – I know  how much it meant to them to receive these quilts — in every case they are extremely touched and grateful to receive such a thoughtful gift  and they say how the quilt helped them in coping with the disease”

“Each quilt comes with a carry bag so that the patient can carry their quilt to treatments.  It’s a cause close to my heart. My mother, an avid quilter passed away suddenly from cancer,  I tried to donate her fabric stash to a Victoria’ Quilt Group and the  members of the group welcomed both the fabric and me into their fold.  They helped to finish her started project and turned  her fabric into comforting quilts for people in need.”

I’ve been in touch with President Blanche Dunn and learned that in the past 12 years the 9 chapters have made and distributed almost 26,000 quilts to people living with cancer across Canada.  And as Blanche says: “There are two main things that never change at VQC, the list of requests for quilts and the continuing need for quilting supplies to make these quilts.”

Flare Fabrics is  a relatively new business — we’re just in our second year in the Canadian quilting/sewing scene. Quilting is a passion, a drive,  a luxury, a gift, a delight…. and we’re happy to do our bit to help others who need the comfort a quilt can bring.

Thank you for participating!

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5 Responses to Victoria’s Quilts of Canada it is!

  1. Jacquie Rhodes says:

    Thank-you so very much for choosing Victoria’s Quilts as your charity for 2012. I have worked with this wonderful organization in Alberta, for 8 years and know how meaningful it is to receive a lovely quilted hug from someone who cares when you are going through such a difficult time in your life. It is great to work with others who care.

  2. Fran says:

    Thank you very much. I do sew quilt tops for this great charity and have also received one from them. The quilts are wonderful and made me feel like I was being hugged by lots and lots of caring people!

  3. Mona Saunders says:

    Thank you for choosing VQC as your charity of choice. Super!

  4. Anne Mains says:

    Thank you for choosing Victoria’s quilts Canada as your charity. When I voted I also placed an order. I am extremely happy with your service and will certainly keep you on the top of my internet shopping list. I wish you all the best in your business.

  5. susan Kingwell says:

    Thank you! Thank you! so much for choosing Victorias Quilts as your charity to support. I am sure I can speak for all the members, we are very appreciative of your help.

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