Valentine’s Appliqué Heart Table Runner Tutorial


Here’s a quick and easy table runner project to get you in the spirit of love, hearts and chocolate (what’s not to love?). This entire project took me about 3 hours. I used some of our new Valentine’s themed fabric, which can be found here.

So let’s just get started! First I cut ten 4.5 inch squares, all in different valentine’s fabric. I took some white Kona Cotton and cut a strip that was 11 inches wide by 34 inches long. You can vary the length here, depending on the length of your table–as long as the strip is 11″ wide. I folded the white piece in half across the length of the strip and cut each end to a point with a right angle. Unfold and you have the main body of the table runner.

vday-0001 vday-0002


Lay the squares out in the order you want them. Separate the squares into a strip with 2 squares and a strip with 3 squares (see the first image below). Sew the 2-square strip onto one side of the white fabric, then sew the 3-square strip onto the other side, matching the seams at the point of the table runner. Repeat on the other side and then trim off the extra half square from each side.

vday-0006 vday-0007


Next you will prepare the appliqué hearts! You can print out a heart template from the computer, but I just drew mine freehand. Take your fusible interfacing and draw or trace a heart shape on it. Make as many as you want to fit on your table runner. Cut the heart out roughly outside of the outline and then fuse it onto the back of various fabric pieces. I made 6 hearts to fit along the length of my table runner, each one a different fabric.

vday-0008 vday-0010

Carefully cut out the fabric hearts along the outline and lay them on your fabric, right sides up. Pin them in place. Use a zigzag stitch to follow the outline of the hearts, securing them to the main piece of the table runner.

vday-0013 vday-0015

Now all you have to do is sandwich, quilt and bind! I experimented a little with the quilting…I drew it out first with a coloured chalk (I’m not sure if you can see it in the first photo below) and then I changed the pattern a bit as I went.vday-0017 vday-0022

But there you have it! A fun and easy project. Now I just need some cupcakes and some cinnamon hearts…



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4 Responses to Valentine’s Appliqué Heart Table Runner Tutorial

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  2. Michele T says:

    This is very sweet!!! Love those fabrics!

  3. Roberta says:

    This runner is so easy make!! Love the fabrics!! Hope I win!!

  4. Denise/Folsom,Calif. says:

    Love it! Let’s hope I win the fabric so I can make this!:)

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