Upholstering with Batiks!

The finished chair!

Here’s another use for beautiful batiks in your home! You will need: old chairs, screwdriver, staple gun, and of course, your fabric!

I’ve been using these chairs in my apartment for the last few months and, as you can see,  they needed an update. This entire project took about an hour start to finish, and it was super easy. Here’s a step by step photo description of what we did.

First we chose the fabric! We picked the brightest, most colourful batik we could find in the Flare Fabrics inventory. We chose F700-0911 Tutti Frutti Lime Giant Bamboo (Good news– there’s still some left!)

Using a screwdriver, we take the seat cushions off of the chairs. There were 4 screws holding each seat in place on our chairs. We cut fabric pieces that were about 6″ longer and wider than our seats. In this case, each chair required a Fat Quarter. Placing the fabric face down with the chair seat face down in the centre on top, we started with the front edge. Fold the edge in once and then again over the seat. Staple it to the bottom of the seat.

On the opposite edge, repeat this process, but pull the fabric very tight around the cushion. It helps to have an extra set of hands for this!

On the two remaining sides, you will want to tuck in the corners neatly, then fold the edge in once and then again over the seat. staple the fabric so it’s nice and taut! If you’re confused about how to do the corners, just think about how you would wrap a present!

Make sure that it’s nice and even and stapled all the way around. After that, you can simply screw the seat back in place on the chair.

And voila!


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