To Quilt Market 2014 and back – Post 1

The 2014 Spring quilt show was in Pittsburgh last weekend – and since it is only a  5 hour drive from Toronto – it’s a show I love to go to. (The quilt industry is well served with 2 major wholesale/trade shows each year. The Fall show is always held in Houston, Texas and the Spring show rotates between different “northern” cities – Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Portland and Pittsburgh! So you can imagine it’s been a few years since I’ve gone.

The trade show brings together hundreds (and I do mean hundreds!) of vendors who serve every aspect of the quilting/fabric/sewing industry – from pattern makers, to fabric manufacturers, to button/zipper/bag accessory distributors. You’ll find flannel, applique, wool, batiks, bolds, solids, brights, tone on tones, canvas, batting… in fact everything you need to keep your fabric/quilt store going.

Below are a curated selection of the photos I took at Quilt Market – These photos do not represent fabric that Flare Fabrics will be carrying. I’ve selected pictures to give you a sense of the wide variety of what is available. Check our next post for photos of upcoming inventory!

2014-Quilt-Market-039 2014-Quilt-Market-038 2014-Quilt-Market-037 2014-Quilt-Market-035 2014-Quilt-Market-030 2014-Quilt-Market-028

2014-Quilt-Market-026 2014-Quilt-Market-025 2014-Quilt-Market-024 2014-Quilt-Market-019 2014-Quilt-Market-018 2014-Quilt-Market-017 2014-Quilt-Market-015 2014-Quilt-Market-014 2014-Quilt-Market-011 2014-Quilt-Market-010 2014-Quilt-Market-009 2014-Quilt-Market-008 2014-Quilt-Market-007
2014-Quilt-Market-005 2014-Quilt-Market-004 2014-Quilt-Market-003 2014 Quilt Market-006


2014-Quilt-Market-037 2014-Quilt-Market-038
2014-Quilt-Market-041 2014-Quilt-Market-042 2014-Quilt-Market-043 2014-Quilt-Market-046 2014-Quilt-Market-047 2014-Quilt-Market-048 2014-Quilt-Market-049 2014-Quilt-Market-050 2014-Quilt-Market-051 2014-Quilt-Market-052 2014-Quilt-Market-053 2014-Quilt-Market-057 2014-Quilt-Market-058 2014-Quilt-Market-059 2014-Quilt-Market-061 2014-Quilt-Market-062 2014-Quilt-Market-064 2014-Quilt-Market-065 2014-Quilt-Market-069 2014-Quilt-Market-070 2014-Quilt-Market-071 2014-Quilt-Market-072 2014-Quilt-Market-073 2014-Quilt-Market-074 2014-Quilt-Market-075 2014-Quilt-Market-076 2014-Quilt-Market-080 2014-Quilt-Market-082 2014-Quilt-Market-083 2014-Quilt-Market-084 2014-Quilt-Market-085 2014-Quilt-Market-086 2014-Quilt-Market-090 2014-Quilt-Market-092 2014-Quilt-Market-093 2014-Quilt-Market-094 2014-Quilt-Market-095 2014-Quilt-Market-096 2014-Quilt-Market-098 2014-Quilt-Market-101 2014-Quilt-Market-103 2014-Quilt-Market-104 2014-Quilt-Market-105 2014-Quilt-Market-106 2014-Quilt-Market-107 2014-Quilt-Market-108

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5 Responses to To Quilt Market 2014 and back – Post 1

  1. Your photos are wonderful to view. I see one, and say, “That’s for me.” And then, I see another that is so different and say the same thing. Your eyes must have needed a rest after a day of seeing so many beautiful colours and patterns, but I’ll bet your brain kept on working! What lovely displays!

    • Marlene says:

      Hi Donna, Thanks for your feedback. It’s a bit like candy – once you’ve “eaten” one you want them all! It is a non-stop treat that’s for sure!

  2. Jane in On. says:

    That is complete brain saturation! It’s wonderful.

  3. Kim in AB says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Marlene says:

      My pleasure – I am so happy to be able to share – every booth was so different and I could only admire the work that went into each one! \

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