The Labyrinth Quilt in 2 versions


A friend of mine and my sister’s recently had a baby and we wanted to make her a quilt using beautiful batiks. I’d also been eyeing the Labyrinth pattern for quite some time, as it looks fairly simple, but creates a really nice pattern. My sister and I were planning to visit another crafty friend of ours at their family’s farm just outside of Orangeville, and we thought this was the perfect opportunity to start a quilty project with her!

I picked out the colours and we started cutting the fabric, and we realized that we had enough to make 2 of these quilts, so long as we switched a couple of the colours around. This way, we each got a quilt to take home/give to friends as gifts!

With the three of us working together, we were able to sew up the main portion of BOTH of these quilts in just one day–with some breaks for berry picking, building a campfire, visiting the cows and piggies and delicious meals in between 🙂

For the quilts, one of was us on ‘engineering duty’ (organizing all the pieces and making sure the quilts were building correctly), one on ironing duty and one on sewing duty. I’d say we were pretty successful! More photos to come in a later post of the finished quilts…

What I think is so cool, is that these quilts use exactly the same colours and fabrics with just one change–the red from the centre star is switched with the dark blue square for the second quilt. This creates such a different visual feel for each of the projects.

In the first quilt, we’ve paired up the warm colours and the cool colours, while in the second one, the paired colours are contrasting warm and cool.

Which one do you like better and why?

And here are some process shots:

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  1. Diane says:

    I like the second one better.

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