The Barbados Bag Kit in a new colour way!

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In preparation for our Fall show schedule, we created a second colour way for our Barbados bag kit. You can now create this wonderful, sturdy bag with great pockets in beautiful reddish tones as well as the earthy green and brown kit that we already had available.


This bag is a bit of a more advanced project, but mostly because you are sewing through thick pieces of material and there are a lot of different steps to follow. The instructions are very clear and even contain photos of each step.

The kit comes with all the fabric you need to make the bag and includes the metal hardware for the purse strap (a really nice touch on the finished bag!) The interfacing and fusible fleece is extra. At our upcoming shows, we will have kits for the ‘insides’ of the bag (fusible fleece and decor bond) available for purchase as well.


Some highlights for this project–

The zippers are really nicely integrated into the bag. There are two zippered pockets to keep your personal items safe. Instruction on how to cut your zippers down to size and cover the ends nicely are super easy to follow.

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As I said, you are sewing through thick pieces of fabric–when you are putting it all together, you have to sew through 4 layers of fusible fleece! This means that you should definitely start out the project with a new, sharp denim needle.

IMG_20140820_121409 IMG_20140820_133554

The metal hardware looks so professional on the finished bag! It was also super easy to attach to the straps.

IMG_20140820_125831 IMG_20140820_130325

The bag is very sturdy, with fusible fleece to give it structure and a nice, boxy bottom.


Overall, this project took me about 3.5 hours to complete. There were a lot of steps to follow and a lot of fabric pieces to keep track of, but it wasn’t too difficult to put together because of how clear and well written the instructions are.

This is a great travel purse. The main pocket has a zipper closure and a sub-pocket inside for smaller items, like a cell phone. The front of the bag (with the three colours) has a hidden pocket behind the red fabric, where you might put a passport if you are travelling. It also has a front zippered pocket. The back of the bag has 2 pocket sections where you could store papers or maps. The strap is the perfect length to wear across your body, over your shoulder, so it’s securely on your body.

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