Stuff Your Stocking Wish List – Get the Gift YOU Want!

victorianstocking-1We’re getting ready for this year’s STUFF YOUR STOCKING event — and we want to know what you want!

Give us your wish list —  anything and everything is possible on the 8 days of shopping starting Dec 1. (Everything but fabric, that is!)

Threads, needles, markers, rulers, scissors, patterns, templates... Tell us what you can’t find in your area, notions you’re dying to try and that you’d order online!

Then…we’ll organize our offerings into 8 days of shopping, starting Dec 1. Every day for the following 8 days we’ll email you with a new selection of items you can choose from. Each item will be an awesome deal! At the end of your shopping blitz, when your stocking is full, we’ll box it all up and ship it out!

All orders will ship Dec 11-13, in plenty of time to arrive before Christmas! Stuffing someone else’s stocking and would like it gift wrapped? Not a problem. Let us know and we’ll ship it out straight to your giftee.

So tell us what you want by Monday, Nov. 13 and your choice could be included in our Stuff your Stocking sale.

Give us your list below, we’ll be watching, us the contact us page on our website, email us at info{at}, touch base on any of our social media platforms. Give yourself the gift YOU want.

~ Marlene

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