Reusing your batting stash

Do you have bags of small batting pieces you can’t bring yourself to throw away but haven’t wanted to piece? I never have liked zig zag joining the edges. Somehow my seams didn’t lie flat!

Well, there’s a relatively new product on the market called Heat Press Batting Together that’s become a hit.  The original roll (photo at left) is 1 1/2″ wide on 10 yard spools. It should retail for under $10. That is enough to join pieces of batting for three large quilts.

It is soft and thin so it does not add any bulk to to the batting. Simply overlap two pieces of batting and cut them with a rotary cutter. Peel away the raw edges and the two rotary cut edges will fit together perfectly. Then, press the tape over the cut to join them. It can be used on any type of batting.

The company also recently released a smaller version to use on smaller projects, of course – such as table runners and place mats. This product is half the width of the original – 3/4″ – and is 10 yards long. Retail pricing is under $5.

This could be one product that will go a long to way to helping me clean out my sewing room — left over batting is bulky and takes up a lot of room!

I haven’t used it yet, so any feedback from those of you who have would be great.

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  1. Rob says:

    Where can I buy some Sounds terrific.

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