Quilt donations for Slave Lake, AB

In the short time I’ve been online  it’s unbelievable  that this is the 3rd time I’m posting about the need for quilts to bring comfort to those who have lost so much in a disaster.

First, the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand; then the devestation in Japan, now the fire in Slave Lake, Alberta. It can be agonizing to watch the photos and hear the stories of families who lost their lives, whole cities who lost all their possessions, people so completely displaced.

But then there is the warmth and humanity of quilters around the world — who are so unbelievably compassionate and generous, knowing that when you’ve lost everything, a small gesture can mean so much.

Today I’m posting the few links I can find about those collecting quilts for the families of Slave Lake. Check out the blog post of Mary-Frances, at Outside the Line, to see her quilt group at work. She is collecting quilts during June, when friends will be driving to Slave Lake from Westlock and Athabasca with their deliveries. Email Mary-Frances for mailing details.

I’m waiting for confirmation on a couple of other delivery channels, and will post as soon as I heard.

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6 Responses to Quilt donations for Slave Lake, AB

  1. Linda Beeston says:

    I have received nearly 500 quilts for Slave Lake victims of the wildfire through a program I named ‘BLANKET SLAVE LAKE WITH LOVE one quilt at a time’. Nearly 150 of these quilts have come through Pat White ,owner of Sew Devine. The rest have come from Ontario,Sask.,Alberta and B.C. Thank you to all of you who have donated so far. There were 732 households that lost their homes and my goal is one quilt for each household as well as one quilt for each child(I made a rough estimate of 800- 1000 children) The families are all being registered at my store by family, friends,neighbors and co-workers and are then the quilts are being chosen and delivered by them to the families who lost their home that they registered.Over 350 quilts have been delivered to the families to date. The numbers are so great that I have been reaching out as many ways as I can to get more quilts coming in. If anyone wants to donate and wants more info. you can e-mail me at patchworkfabrics@gmail.com or phone the store at 780-849-6464.

  2. Bev Andersen says:


    I’ve sent your email onto Lynne. She will get in touch with you. She is in charge from our end.


  3. Robin Petty says:

    I’ll keep you posted on Oakville/Halton donations as soon as my Oakville Guild contact gets back to me.

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