The Santa Barbara – A New 6 Fat Quarter Tote Bag Kit Using Batiks



It’s no surprise that we’re in love with this new tote bag – just take a look at our logo and you can see that we love spirals. If you’ve tried our San Clemente and Carmel tote kits from A Quilters Dream and are looking for another great project, then the Santa Barbara kit is for you. It does require quite a bit more piecing than the other tote patterns to create those beautiful spirals, but the instructions are easy to follow and as long as you keep the cut pieces organized, it’s fairly simple to put together.


We’ve put this kit together using 6 beautiful blue batiks by Robert Kaufman. The size of the tote and the two inside pockets make this the perfect day bag, and it can easily be put together in 4-5 hours.

IMG_20150528_105052  IMG_20150603_141609


Keeping all the pieces organized really was the trickiest part. The pattern suggests labelling the pieces, but I found as long as I had them laid out in the order they need to be sewn together, it all worked out. Here’s a slideshow of the spiral block being built up:

After the outside panels are created:

IMG_20150603_170607 IMG_20150605_102324

Shaping the boxy bottom of the bag to give it volume: I recommend lining up the bottom seam with the side seam to make sure your triangle corner is centred properly.

IMG_20150605_103801 IMG_20150605_103812

IMG_20150605_105944 IMG_20150605_105322

Aligning the top edges of the lining and outsides of the bag: It is important to pin around the top edge to make sure you don’t get any unwanted gathers in the seam. I start by placing pins at both the side seams, lining up the seam on the lining with the seam on the outside of the bag. You can then work your way around with the pins, starting at the lining on either side and working your way towards the centre of the bag panels.

IMG_20150605_103950 IMG_20150605_104331

After this, there are only a few easy steps left and it’s done!

IMG_20150605_105827 IMG_20150605_105816

This kit is available for purchase at the following link!
Santa Barbara Tote Kit

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