My 2013 wall calendar – quilts of course!

This post is a bit late, I know. It’s mid-February and I just hung my 2013 wall calendar in my kitchen.

It’s not that I haven’t had my calendar – I bought it in December in fact. Every year I wait for this calendar to be released. Bridget O’Flaherty is a wonderful thread artist who uses her sewing machine to produce stunning landscapes of Canada. She lives near Perth, Ontario and her calendars and quilt paintings are showcased at the Riverguild Gallery.

We have a small property just outside of Perth, and I love to visit the town and the gallery to see the latest art and crafts on display from the 15 artists who own the cooperative. When we were here during the Christmas Holidays I made it a point of picking up my new 2013 wall calendar. Then managed to leave it here when we returned to Toronto.

It’s amazing how at a loss I’ve been without my kitchen wall calendar. Yes I use my iPhone, iPad and computer calendar. But the first place my family goes to to see what is happening is our traditional wall calendar by the kitchen phone!

Bridget’s embroidery and landscape thread work are truly amazing. I’ve been lucky enough to see her pieces in progress and hanging on the gallery wall. Purchasing one of her calendars allows me to continue to enjoy her creativity and talent throughout the year.

Take a look – (and please excuse my poor photos). Do you see your part of the country here?


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