Great quilting gloves

I picked up a few new products at International Quilt Market in Houston, and am just getting around to testing them out! One I like the best are Grabaroo gloves. They’re made of 95% nylon and 5% spandex, they fit beautifully and you don’t sweat in the them. Plus there are grips on both sides of every finger, so you can use them on either hand, and if the nubs wear out you can always turn them over!

They’re great for free-motion quilting – certainly made it easier to control the fabric. Now if only it improved my results! Ah well — that aside I did find their advertising accurate – it is quite easy to pick up pins and single fabric pieces. See if your local quilt store has them – or you can order directly from the manufacturer, where they are selling from the U.S. for around $10.

They are also now making them in black – for those who don’t love the purple!

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