Grade 1 Kids Learn Teamwork with Fabric Scraps

As every quilter knows, the more you quilt, the more scraps you accumulate. For many of us, these fabric pieces – of endless variety and size – are thrown into bins where they can reside for years, before we get around to creating a ‘scrap quilt’. Maybe!

Sometimes, though, you take a look at those scraps – even fat quarters that you’ve purchased over the years – and realize that you have too many and that you’ll never get around to doing anything with them. And here at Flare Fabrics, we accumulate more than the average quilters scraps!

I’ve been debating what to do with these left over pieces for awhile now. But it wasn’t until recently that I found a good use for our leftovers.

I bundled them all into two large shopping bags and hand delivered them to my neighbor who is a teacher at Dovercourt Public School in Toronto, Ontario. The love of working with fabric can start young – so arts and crafts projects were perfect.

Check out the photos below to see what the children of Katherine Stern’s Grade 1 class created. The project was simple, fun, and aimed to teach the value of teamwork and citizenship. She said that the kids were thrilled be working with such beautiful colors and patterns.

What do you do with your scrap fabrics? Have you ever made a scrap quilt or found a new creative use for scrap fabric? Let us know in the comments!


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3 Responses to Grade 1 Kids Learn Teamwork with Fabric Scraps

  1. Nothy Lane says:

    I love this. I featured this link on my blog – in a big list of what to do with scrap fabrics. I am always amazed at the creativity out there!

  2. Linda Allan says:

    Linda and Terri call ourselves the Quiet Time Quilters, and we make scrap quilts for our local care home, children in need, and emergencies. In addition to using our own scraps, we have spread the word in our community for donations of scraps….we need to live to be 200 years old now (lol).

  3. Burtine says:

    When I volunteered with a Grade 5 class I made each student a cookie cutter doll. Then I took in my fabric scraps and let them dress the dolls. Even the boys enjoyed it making action figures – they were the hit of the school that season. I was really impressed by the creativity. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of it.

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