Fun Fanny Pack Tutorial


I ride my bike a lot. And I like to have my arms free, while keeping my valuables close to me (instead of having them in my bike basket). So I decided it’s time to bring the fannypack back into style!

I made myself a fun pouch using fabric scraps from my stash and some fusible interfacing. Here’s a rough step-by-step tutorial!

You will need:

  • 2 pieces of fabric approximately 14″ by 20″ (one for the inside of the fanny pack, one for the outside)
  • an 8″ square for the pocket.
  • 1 yard of strap
  • 1 buckle
  • 1 12″ nylon zipper.
  • about a 1/2 metre of medium weight fusible interfacing

Here are the template pieces that I used. You can find a PDF of the templates here: FannyPack templates. Piece #1 is the back piece of the pouch, piece #2 is the front and piece #3 is the pocket.


You will need to cut 2 of pattern piece #1: one of the inside fabric and one of the outside fabric.

You will need to cut 2 of pattern piece #2: one of the inside fabric and one of the outside fabric.

You will just need 1 of pattern piece #3, which is the pocket piece.

IMG_20140705_085449Fanny Pack Tutorial

Fuse a matching piece of fusible interfacing to the back of each fabric piece.

Fold the pocket in half, right sides together, matching the curved edges (these will align with the bottom of the pouch piece). Sew along both short edges, leaving the curved edge open.


Trim the corners, flip it right side out, and iron it flat. Topstitch along the top edge of the pocket (I forgot to do that on mine, but wish I did!)

Next, align the pocket piece on your inside back piece, as in the photo below. Sew along both side edges of you pocket, right through the 2 pieces. Leave the top of the pocket open!


IMG_20140705_090555Put your 2 back pieces together (pattern piece #1), with wrong sides facing and zig zag stitch around the edges. Do the same with your smaller template piece. The result will be just two double-sided pieces to work with.


IMG_20140705_091409Next, you will add the zipper to the top edge of  pattern piece #1. I’ve put a large version of this image, because it is important to see how to align your zipper so that it will work properly when you unfold the seam! It’s much easier to sew if your zipper is open.


Unfold the zipper seam and topstitch it in place, just like the photo below:


Before securing the other side of the zipper, determine the centre of the zipper as well as the centre of the smaller pattern piece. Do this by folding the pieces in half and marking on the fold.

IMG_20140705_155101 IMG_20140705_155107Match the centres together, with right sides together. Place a pin at the mark to hold it in place. Then sew along the top edge of the smaller pattern piece, securing the zipper.


Unfold the second zipper seam and topstitch in place.


Close the zipper and fold the whole thing in half, right sides together, matching the bottom edge of the pouch. Place the straps in between the two layers of fabric, leaving them poking out the edge about 1/4″. Pin the sides of the bag with the straps in place, then reach in and open the zipper before pinning the bottom edge of the pouch. I found it helpful to pull the loose ends of the straps through the opening of the zipper, so they didn’t get in the way. Sew all the way around the 3 edges with a straight stitch and then again just outside of this seam with a zig zag stitch. Sew over the part with the straps multiple times for security. Trim the edges.




Turn it right side out, add the buckle, and TA-DA!!


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14 Responses to Fun Fanny Pack Tutorial

  1. Nancy says:

    Love it. Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait to make mine.

  2. Joanne Duffy says:

    I made it for my grandson Louis and it looks fab, thanks so much!!

  3. Kristin Bouvier says:

    Hello! Do we print the PDF at 100%? Piece 1 takes up almost the entire page, which seems somewhat large. Is that correct?

    • Marlene says:

      HI Kristin, We haven’t had any problems at our end. I just reprinted and while a small piece of the top line didn’t print, you can easily follow the line to cut out your pattern piece. Don’t forget this is the back piece and the top “section” folds over to the front. Maybe that’s why it seems big to you. Print all 3 pieces at 100% and it should work. ~ Marlene

  4. Katie says:

    Hey there! Just went to download the templates and the link isn’t working. Any advice? Thanks!

    • Marlene says:

      Hi Katie,
      Sorry for the delayed response – we moved website servers and things took a bit longer to get everything straight than I had anticipated. You should be able to access the templates now. Let me know if you still have problems. marlene

  5. Michele C says:

    This is the perfect pattern for me. I needed a fanny pack to carry my ID while out walking with my new dog. As I have to retrain some habits she has I needed to be able to carry treats for good behavior. I adapted this a bit in that I put the center pocket on the outside and lined it with plastic to keep the treats somewhat fresh and not get the crumbs mashed into the fabric I chose. Thank you for your wonderful pattern

  6. Dea Miller says:

    I would also like the pattern. Is it available?

  7. Margaret Gessner says:

    I was looking for something like this just as Delores was, I do not wear an insulin pack but I do wear two TENS units. I want to make several and make them look stylish.

  8. Delores says:

    Thank you for the pattern and directions. I wear an insulin pump and have wanted to make multiple fanny packs so I can change them out often. I love the look and have my first one cut out and ready to interface and sew! Thank you!


    I’d love to try and make this pack! Where can I get the pattern?


    • Marlene says:

      Hi Melissa, the tutorial is the “pattern” and I’m working on uploading the PDF which includes the template pieces. Should have it up shortly. Thanks!

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