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PLEASE NOTE: Policies differ among designers about posting their patterns, linking to their websites and how long the patterns are available free to use.

If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing better than finding a great free pattern. I’m always on the lookout for those special patterns manufacturers/designers make available. I’ll add them here as I find them or check out our Pinterest Board with links to dozes of free patterns. Some of the patterns use fabrics I carry, but others won’t. If I do, you’ll know where to find them:



Modern Prism Quilt by Tara Faughnan for Michael Miller Modern

Fiesta Strip Quilt by Rob Appel for Michael Miller



Pillowcases – Check out the variety of free and easy pillowcase patterns from American Patchwork and Quilting – make a pillowcase and support the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge!


24 Responses to Free Patterns

  1. Debora says:

    Would you please send me the PDF for the fanny pack pattern? I cannot find it on your blog.

    Thank you in advance! I look forward to making one as a surprise for a dear friend.

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  3. Cathy says:

    I just love the two patterns by Annetta Ornleas ,she the best quilting teacher you could ever wish for , sure wish she could visit Australia . Cathy

  4. lori says:

    I would like to see some templates for quilting various common shapes and quilting templates for different designs. I like to see completed projects with the packaged fabrics to better understand how the colors go together and whether or not I like the product. I would like to see a greater variety in finishings or edging that would make the quilt special and unique but not too hard.

  5. Barb Johnson says:

    Please stuff my stocking with…
    I would be interested in the little templates that look like key chain size. I think they would make nice stocking stuffers for my quilty friends. Also the templates that fit on charm squares without much waste is another thought. I also like the ornament kits that are packaged in “to go” coffee cups, although I find them a little pricey. A more economical one would be awesome! And lastly, I’ve been toying with making some sort of quilty Chritsmas garland to go across the front of my fireplace.
    I hope you find my wish list helpful. (I’m really excited now)lol

  6. Peg says:

    What a wonderful give-away! Would like to follow this blog, but can’t find subscription info (and don’t Twitter, and avoid FB activity because of past ‘viral’ experiences).

  7. Loraine Kaul says:

    Hello, I found your site via ShopHop, but sad to say, I have not located the IFoundItBunny, any suggestions or clues?

  8. Gracia says:

    WOW! Has anyone made the Florigia Quilt. I haven’t done a lot of paper piecing. This one is looking a little difficult just yet. I would like to try it sometime.

    • Marlene says:

      Other than the display from the manufacturer, Anthology, no.
      This is a very challenging quilt – not one I’d recommend for beginners. 🙂

    • Kim says:

      I have the center part of the quilt put together and am very pleased with how it turned out. I did have to read the pattern several times to make sure I understood it. You need to be very organized with your fabrics. I kept put everything in Ziploc bags as I cut them and made sure they were well marked as to what they were. Once I started sewing, the instructions just “clicked” and the actual construction of the quilt was much easier than it looked.

  9. joyce forsyth says:

    hi I.m new at dealing with email shopping> have inquiry???do you handle extra-wide flannel…108″ use for backing for my quilts[makes for more cuddly feel] if so
    I.m your customer for sure…costs m. & colours… many thanks for your in-put..
    a long time quilter[senior] Joyce Forsyth

  10. Doreen Lund says:

    Found your site through the Black Creek newletter, very happy to see a Cdn distributor on line, especially offering ‘free shipping’. A real bonus. I look forward to meeting you at Black Creek. Will you be taking some Tonga Treats to the show?

  11. Judith Puddy says:

    Florigia….yikes! I’d like to see some feedback on this one, too!
    Doesn’t look like much fun to me.


  12. Lisa Schartner says:

    So happy to find a great Canadian site! Looking forward to doing business with you!

  13. Cathy Welch says:

    A friend pointed me to your e-store today and am so pleased with what I have seen! The fact that you ship free within Canada is a big bonus! Thank you for thinking of those of us who live in the boonies! Cathy

  14. Joan Law says:

    I would like to purchase the radiant butterfly pattern & fabric- Do you have paypal. If not could you let me know how much it will cost for this item. I want the raspberry fabrics with the pattern.

  15. Lois MacLean says:

    I’m in a quilting group with your sister-in-law Dee O’conner. I just want to tell
    you how much I love all your fabrics, their beautiful. The group was so happy
    to hear that you will be a vendor at our quilt show this summer. I fell in love with
    a patern that Dee was doing called Teeter Totter. I would like to purchace this patern from you. However I don’t like sending money via the internet, so I was wondering if I could send you a cheque instead.
    Yours Truly
    Lois MacLean

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