Easy Pinwheel Quilt Block


I am currently working on a pinwheel quilt using 10″ squares and I just wanted to share with you how easy it is to make the blocks! You can make it even easier by starting with a pre-cut package of squares, like a charm pack or a layer cake.

1. Take two contrasting squares and lay them right sides together.

2. Sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance all around the outside edge. Below, I have a photo of each side of the pair of squares that I sewed together.

IMG_20140507_115703 IMG_20140507_115711

3. Cut both diagonals.


4. Finger press the seams toward the darker fabric. You now have 4 squares.


5. Re-arrange the resulting squares.


6. Sew them back together in their new configuration.

IMG_20140507_120227 IMG_20140507_120423

7. Press and you’re done!


8. Make lots!! I have a stack of squares, sewn together and ready to cut and then sew into pinwheels. Here’s a photo of my quilt progress so far as well 🙂

IMG_20140507_121312 IMG_20140507_121245

View our layer cakes (pre-cut 10″ squares) here!

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