Easy DIY drawstring pouch to hold my first pair of hand-knitted socks!

Happy new year everyone!

What better way to spend a lazy Jan 1 than to sew a small pouch to store my knitting. Yes, I’m knitting – my first pair of socks with the guidance of Jacqueline, truly a good friend.

I’m quite excited about the knitting. Socks are addictive – once you get over the terror of working with double pointed needles. The wool is beautiful and creates a compulsive pattern so you keep knitting to see what pattern is going to appear next.

But I didn’t have a bag to keep the wool is…so….


I found this great tutorial by Jeni at In Color Order. I completed the entire project in just over 2 hours. Her instructions are easy to follow, no surprises. I used scraps of the Urbanicity line by Michele D’Amore that we carry at the store.

I’m thrilled with the results.

Below are the photos I took with each step. For instructions, see the Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial on Jeni’s blog.

The Urbanicity fabric by Michele d’Armore that I choose for my pouch.

All pieces sewn together

Folded in half, 3″ opening marked for turning

1″ opening marked for the ties

Squaring the corners

Trimming the corner

Corner squared and trimmed








Turned right side out!


Almost done!

Making the “ribbon”

Finished bag with ribbon threaded



Done – with one sock – waiting for me to “turn the heel”!

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