Easy 6 Fat Quarter Tote Bag by A Quilter’s Dream

A Quilter’s Dream from California offers an variety of easy tote bags – with only 6 fat quarters there is  enough fabric for the outside, two large inside pockets, the handles and lining. It’s the kind of project I’m attracted to – start to finish over a weekend.

I decided to test out their patterns using San Clemente — can you tell they are from California! The Urbanicity line by Michele D’Amore seemed a good match bold, dynamic textures that complemented the pattern. Choosing six fat quarters from the wonderful collection was a bit harder, but I settled on these below.

Six fat quarters from Urbanicity fabric line by Michele d’Amore

 I laid out my fabric in panel order,  balancing light/dark and pattern/texture. The pattern is clear and I had the main pieces cut and together in just over an hour!

Aligning fabric by tone and texture

Creating front and back

Adding the bottom

Creating lining with large pockets

The slightly tricky part is the handle, and here the instructions could be a bit clearer. I’ll admit this might be my problem – since I haven’t sewn alot of  purses before so this part might be obvious to someone with more experience than me! Once you’ve constructed the handles, you attach them to the RIGHT side of the front and back pieces and the handle should fall down on top of the completed piece (not above as I did at first) as shown in the photo below.

Attach handle strap, overlapping 0.5 in above purse top but laying on top of the finished piece as shown

Then when you sew the lining and back together, the handle must be down inside the pocket.

I didn’t do much quilting on the bag – a little bit of echo lines on front and back and nothing on the lining. So all together, it took about four hours to finish the project, time I split over the weekend.



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