Custom 10 inch layer cake bundles – batiks and bolds


I just spent the weekend sorting through bags of end of bolt batiks and bolds. They’re pieces left from fabric I purchased in 2010 when I just opened the store. Some are last pieces from my 2011 inventory purchases. I was amazed how I remembered most of them.

Hundreds of pieces.

I then cut them into 10 inch squares, and cut pieces that were large enough into layer cakes. Then came the job of putting them together into layer cake packages, making sure each was a great balance of light/dark and different colours. No two are the same.

I’m excited to offer them, one of kind and original. 

scrappy batik 10 in squares

I even found the remains of two popular sold out lines: the Gerta and Stream Line collections by Marcia Derse and Habitat by Michele d’Amore.

Habitat 10 in. squares

Marcia Derse 10 in. squares

Each set is a one-of-a-kind. You can see our entire collection here.



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