Creating Your Own Fabric Print

Can’t find the perfect blue or the right kind of polka dots and stripes to fit in to your new quilt? Don’t give up hope just yet! Spoonflower is a site that let’s you design the exact fabric you want in small batches – as little as just one yard. There are so many interesting custom fabrics on this site you can easily lose track of time. Browsing other peoples’ creations is quickly becoming a new hobby! Here are some of my favourites…

I definitely love the idea of custom fabrics, but it does come at a price – starting at $16.20 (US) per yard (yikes!) for their basic Kona cotton. You can also choose voile, silk, cotton canvas, organic knit, sateen, twill…

You don’t need complicated or expensive photo editing software like Photoshop or Illustrator to design your fabric. Check out the video that shows you how to do it. You will need to know how to use a scanner, which is basically just a very large digital camera. Take a look below on how to do just that.

I know these aren’t batiks…. and definitely my next goal in life is to create my own batiks, not just sell them and sew with them! I’ve even gone so as to purchase a few supplies to get me started on that project. But that’s a hands-on activity, requiring lots of space and time, neither of which I have right now 🙂

So has anyone used Spoonflower to make a print? Or have you simply ordered someone else’s designs? I’d love to hear your stories and even share your prints with our community. Send any pictures to if you’re interested in sharing your art!

Time to bring out your inner artist!


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