Blue Calypso Batik Circle Skirt

I posted recently about a dress I made using the Socialite dress pattern and a couple of Blue Calypso Batiks. Well, it turns out I cut way too much of the fabric and I thought I would make another clothing item out of the leftovers!



Circle skirts are super easy to make and they are so fun and twirly to wear 🙂 I made the waistband of this skirt elastic, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about the fit too much. I really wanted to finish this project in under an hour. Basically, you cut or put together a doughnut or fabric and then add a waistband and a hem.


Here are basic instructions for how to make a circle skirt:

1. Figure out how long you want your skirt to be. Measure from where the skirt will sit on your waist to how long you want it to be (i.e.: knee length, floor length). I added a few inches extra to account for the waistband hem and even more extra because it’s easy to shorten later.

2.Work out your waist radius. Measure around your waist or hips (the point where the skirt will sit when finished). Divide this number by 3.14 (the number for π). Divide the resulting number by 2.

3. Draw your template. Take a large piece of paper and draw the template for 1/4 of your circle skirt. It will look like a quarter of a doughnut. First, take your waist radius measurement and mark this from the bottom left corner of the paper. Mark the measurement vertically and horizontally, and then create a dotted line by measuring from the corner to various points on the circle. Repeat with the length measurement, starting this from the previous arc that you drew.

m4 draw-pattern

4. Cut the fabric. You can use this template to measure out a full doughnut from one piece of fabric (by folding your fabric in 4 and placing your template on top, lining the edges up with the folds of the fabric). However, for my skirt, I folded the quarter doughnut in half (along the dotted line in the image above) and cut 8 pieces from my main fabric. I then cut 8 strips that were 2 inches by the length of the skirt. I sewed all 8 pieces of the doughnut together with the 2 in strips in between.


I also put a pocket in the final seam, but I’ll save those instructions for another tutorial. 🙂

5.  Put in your elastic. Cut your elastic to the length that feels comfortable around your waist. Sew the elastic along the inside top edge of the skirt with a large zig zag stitch, stretching the elastic so that it reaches all the way around the waist of the skirt. Overlap the ends about an inch. Fold and sew again with a large zig zag stitch across the centre of the elastic, again, stretching the elastic out to it’s full length. And do this one more time to hide all the raw edges.

6. Hem the bottom of the skirt.


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